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Polish Academy of Sciences, Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials

Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials conducts interdisciplinary research on polymer sciences, connected with economic and public government programmes as well as international scientific cooperation programmes.

The research interest of Prof. Marek Kowalczuk's laboratory (Biodegradable Materials Group) at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials in Zabrze includes chemical synthesis of model polymers via controlled "living" polymerization and enzymes in vitro, determination of chemical structure-property and function relationships of biodegradable polymers as well as multistage mass spectrometry and fragmentation analysis for characterization of subtle molecular structure of both synthetic and synthetically modified natural polymers. The group carries out studies in the area of novel polymeric materials, in particular biodegradable and biocompatible polymers for medical and environmental applications and has a broad competence field with extensive cooperation with national and European research centers. The unique analytical methods have been also recently developed for the analysis of biodegradable aliphatic polyesters and products of their biodegradation. The studies are performed with the aid of modern instrumental methods (multinuclear NMR, ESI-MSn, FT-IR, AFM and others) on the basis of model reactions as well as theoretical considerations. Marek Kowalczuk and his research group have experience in running goal-oriented projects including the projects supported by Polish governmental bodies and the research programs under the framework of European Commission, COST and EUREKA.


Recent publications:

1.   Z. G. Arkin, J. Rydz, G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk Water-soluble L-alanine and related oligopeptide conjugates with poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutanoic acid] oligomers. Synthesis and structural  studies by means of electrospray ionization multistage mass spectrometry J. Biomat. Sci., 12, 297 (2001)

IF 1,234

2.   A. H. Arkin, B. Hazer, G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk, Z. Jedliński, R. W. Lenz Synthesis of poly(2-methyl-3-hydroxyoctanoate) via anionic polymerization of a-methyl-b-penthyl-b-propiolactone Biomacromolecules, 2, 623 (2001)

IF 1,913

3.   M. S. Montaudo, G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk Bivariate distribution in copolymers: A new model J. Polym. Sci. Part A, 40, 2442 (2002)

IF 2,371

4.    P. Rychter, R. Biczak, B. Herman A. Smyłła, P. Kurcok, G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk Environmental degradation of polyester blends containing atactic poly(3-hydroxybutyrate). Biodegradation in soil and ecotoxicological impact Biomacromolecules, 7, 3125 (2006)

IF 3,618

5.   M. Kawalec, G. Adamus, P. Kurcok, M. Kowalczuk, I. Foltran, M. L. Focarete, M. Scandola Carboxylate induced degradation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)s Biomacromolecules, 8, 1053 (2007)

IF 3,618 

6.   D. Neugebauer, J. Rydz, I. Goebel, P. Dacko, M. Kowalczuk Synthesis of graft copolymers containing biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) chains Macromolecules, 40, 1767 (2007)

IF 4,024 

7.   G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of β-alkoxymethyl substituted β-lactones Biomacromolecules, 9, 696 (2008)

IF 4,169 

8.   E. C. Buruiana, M. Kowalczuk, G. Adamus, Z. Jedliński Designing of dipeptide- based oligoconjugates as potential carrier for drug delivery. Pyroglutamil-S-glutamic acid bis oligo-3-hydroxybutyrates J. Polym. Sci., Part A Polym. Chem., 46 (12), 4103 (2008)

IF 3,529

9.   M. Hakkarainen, G. Adamus, A. Höglund, M. Kowalczuk, A-C. Albertsson  ESI-MS Reveals the Influence of Hydrophilicity and Architecture on the Water-soluble Degradation Product Patterns of Biodegradable Homo- and Copolyesters of 1,5-dioxepan-2-one and ε-caprolactone  Macromolecules, 41, 3547 (2008)

IF 4,411

10.  C. Peptu, V. Harabagiu, B. C. Simionescu, G. Adamus, M. Kowalczuk, J-M. Nunzi Disperse red 1 end capped oligoesters. synthesis by noncatalyzed ring opening oligomerization and structural characterization J. Polym. Sci., Part A Polym. Chem., 47 (2), 534 (2009)

IF 3,529

Equipment available for Centre's Employees: 

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Varian VXR-300 and Bruker-Avance 600 MHz
- Gel Chromatograph Spectra Physics 8800
- Steam Osmometer Knauer
- ESI-MS - Ion-trap Mass Spectrometer LCQ Finnigan
- Mass Spectrometer MALDI-TOF Dynamo
- Spectrometer Finnigan MAT SSQ 700
- Gas Chromatograph with mass detector Finnigan MAT 800AT
- Gas Chromatograph Varian 2800
- Spectrometer FT-IR BIO-RAD FTS-40A
- Spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR-Acta M-IV
- Spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR Iasco
- Atomic Force Microscope TMX 2000 EXPLORER TopoMetrix
- Rentgen Diffractometer TUR M62
- Differential Calorymeter TA Instruments DSC 2010
- Elementary Analyser VARIOEL III Analysensysteme
other equipment enabling determination of mechanical properties:
Instron/Model 4204, Perkin-Elmer TGA7 analyser

Polish Academy of Sciences
Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials
34 M. Curie-Sklodowska St.
41-819 ZABRZE

Web: www.cmpw-pan.edu.pl