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NOVAMONT S.p.A. (formerly named FERTEC) is an industrial Company created within the Montedison Group at the end of the 80s as a R&D Company with the aim to develop new balances between chemistry and environment using agricultural products. The core business activity of Novamont is placed in the field of biodegradable thermoplastic materials, commercialised world wide with the trademark "Mater-Bi", and successfully employed using converting technologies such as: film blowing, extrusion, injection moulding, and thermoforming. Novamont owns analytical facilities, polymer processing facilities, and productive plant located in Terni (Italy). In the scientific world Novamont is recognised as a pioneer in the field of biodegradable materials, articles, participation to International meetings, patents and patent applications, and awards, testify its scientific contribution. Furthermore, Novamont has supported the activities of International Committees working in the field of biodegradability and compostability, with a direct involvement and commitment for the development of new standards and regulations concerning biodegradable materials. Today, Novamont offers a wide range of industrial products to the demands of consumers, companies and institutions in terms of economical and environmental sustainability. In the development of the new generation of products deriving from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, Novamont strategically chose to adopt the very latest testing procedures, such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and certifications, such as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Indeed, the objective of the project "Living Chemistry for Quality of Life" is to achieve genuine environmental benefits.

Web: www.novamont.com