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National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia

About the Institute



We are carrying out basic and applied research in the following current fields:

Biotechnology, Drug chemistry, Structural and computational chemistry, Food, Materials and chemical engineering, Chemical analysis, Environment.


The Institute cooperates with both Slovenian and international educational institutions in educational activities. Young researchers involved in undergraduate and graduate research work are trained at the Institute in current research fields.

 Cooperation with industry

Research is oriented towards the development of new technologies and products, which will help to ensure the long-term development of Slovenia and which are internationally relevant. Industry is an important partner to the Institute in these endeavours.


The Institute offers high-level research equipment, allowing researchers to engage in even the most cutting edge research challenges at the world level. Some acquisitions are: a Karl Zeiss Supra 35 VP Electronic Microscope with EDX analysis, a high resolution powder x-ray diffractometer, and an 800 MHz NMR spectrometer; these are the only ones of their kind in Slovenia.

Web: www.ki.si