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Argus Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH

ARGUS Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH (D) is a SME located in Berlin, consisting of 15 employees (engineers with high specialisation in chemistry, geology, biotechnology, process engineering, as well as staff personnel for construction and maintenance). ARGUS was one of the first firms in Germany working with microbiological means in the field of environmental damage of soils, groundwater and waste water since 1987. ARGUS' RTD work focuses on the conception of methods to treat organic pollutants in soil and water as well as development of new sustainable technologies in the field of production of foods. ARGUS co-operates closely with universities and is also funded by various programmes for its activities in the environmental sector.

The last two years Argus conducted 7 large scale waste water and soil remediation projects worth approximately 2.4 Millions Euro. ARGUS is also selling designing, producing and selling customised environmental equipment such as biofilters, oil removal systems, groundwater, waste water and soil treatment plants.

ARGUS has been successfully dealing with biotechnology and bioprocess engineering, as well as conventional process technology. ARGUS is specialised in scale-up of industrial waste water treatment processes from lab scale starting with 1 L up to industrial scale with 70.000 L (anaerobic fermenter for olive mill waste water treatment in Spain).

Web: www.argus-umwelt.de