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Argent Energy (UK) Limited

Argent Energy is a waste-to-energy business operating a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant near Motherwell in Scotland. The plant currently utilises tallow (animal fat) and used cooking oil (UCO) as feedstocks and has a name-plate production capacity of 45,000 tonnes (in excess of 50 million litres) of biodiesel per annum. Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner-burning fuel that can be synthesised from an array of oil-based materials including tallow, UCO and vegetable oil through a process known as transesterification. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable fuel that can be used as a pure transportation fuel or can be blended with mineral diesel to create a diesel blend that can be used in normal mineral diesel engines. In comparison to mineral diesel, biodiesel can deliver benefits to both the environment and to vehicle engines where it acts as a lubricant.

Web: www.argentenergy.com