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Since 40 years, Termoplast has been a pacesetter in flexible packaging, by proposing high quality solutions for the industrial sector. In the last few years, Termoplast has diversified its production with a view to serving new markets, such as the food and medical industry, by investing heavily in new technologies. One example of its commitment is the innovative new production unit, created in compliance with strict European standards for quality and environmental protection. Its corporate strategy has always faced the future by making constant technological updates that have enabled Termpolast to create innovative, ecological and ingenious products and offer them to a market in constant growth.

Our Company makes polyolefin films using blown film technology, both single layer and co-extruded up to 5 layers, using the entire range of PE available on the market. We also use EVA co-polymers, polypropylene and ionomer resins, intended for numerous areas of application, including:

• protective film for laminating for food and/or medical use
• PE-EVOH-PE barrier film in several versions (sealable, peelable, fog-proof and adhesive)
• co-extruded adhesive film designed to protect large sheets