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Advisory Board

Chemtex Italia

Mossi & Ghisolfi Group is a multinational Group with headquarter in Italy (Milan, Tortona), whose traditional area of interest is polyester business. The group is currently the world leader producer of PET with facilities in Italy, US, Mexico, Brazil; it has reached 3 billion dollar turnover with about 3000 employees. Chemtex Italia srl is the engineering and technology development centre of excellence of M&G, devoted to the technological support including techno-economical feasibility studies of new technologies and development of basic engineering. Chemtex Italia srl works closely with the other engineering arm of M&G Group, Chemtex International, with more than 800 engineers spread around the world.

In the last three years the group got involved in engineering, procurement and construction management of chemical plants (polyester, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals) including bioethanol and biodiesel production, with an investment of 600 million of €.

In order to achieve the development of the 2nd gen. ethanol technology, M&G has focused its efforts in the following actions:
- € 20 million invested in the realization of a new R&D centre fully dedicated to renewable resources
- € 100 million dedicated for research activities for 2nd generation bioethanol production.